Our little ones are the most important thing in our lives, aren´t they? And, although we all know we do not have to “load” them with hundreds of toys, we like watching them playing.

When looking for toys, suddenly we found these beautiful wooden toys and we couldn´t help but falling in love with them. Bamboo toys are undoubtedly among the best toys for kids we can find nowadays. Made from natural and eco-friendly bamboo, these toys are not only a perfect option for our babies and/or toddlers, but they are also super-cute!!

It´s not a surprise that some of the best known toys brands (hape, plan toys) fill their offers with toys for babies, toys for 1 year old, toys for 2 years olds, toys for toddlers, etc. 

If you are looking for the perfect present for your friends baby, or for your niece, or even for your own kids, we have made a thoroughly selection of some of the best toys made out of bamboo: 

Hape Hide &-Seek Bamboo Periscope

Kotaro Pro Bamboo Kendama Toy with Extra String

Fat Brain Toys 78 pc Bamboo Builder Marble Run

ONCE KIDS Eco-Bricks Bamboo

Bamboo Nesting Bear

Hape Flexistix Structures

Kinderfeets Balance Disk

Kinderfeets Balance Bike

Hape Pallina Game in Bamboo

Pick A Toy Bamboo Rainstick 

Hape Nature Detective Set

Hape Adjustable Telescope


Bamboo toys, toys for girls, toys for boys

In a world dominated by technology it takes more relevance the symbology games, key for the correct development of our little ones. Wooden toys made out of bamboo keep that perfect traditional toy touch.

Remember pedagogues consider these didactic toys essential for our kids education. 

Bamboo wood is light, very strong and resistant, and natural. With no toxics like you can find in some plastic made toys, bamboo is perfect for making durable and safe toys. 

We also know you also look for cute toys for your baby or toddler, and it´s natural, normal. When we look at our selection of bamboo toys, we not only see the perfect, safe and durable toys they are, but also a cute item which will be with our little ones while we watch them growing up. 

Together with the list of bamboo toys we recommend you could also use a bamboo toy chest to keep them storaged. It is clearly a decorative but also practical furtniture which always goes well in our little babies room.

Bamboo toys for dogs – are bamboo toys safe for dogs?

We focused on toys for kids, we know. But there is a world outside our parental one!

For those who have a best friend pal, there are available also bamboo toys for dogs too. We only need some time as our pet experts are testing and checking the best available (and cutest) toys so we can soon show it to you.

You probably know our best friends do not get on well with some plants. Is bamboo toxic for dogs? Absolutely not.

Bear in mind, though, that there is a plant commonly known as bamboo (lucky bamboo), which has a very little toxines for dogs or cats, but this has nothing to do (apart the name) with the real bamboo and from which these toys are made.