Best eco friendly toilet paper – Bamboo Toilet Paper

Bamboo toilet paper is stronger, softer and cooler. Safer to use than recycled tissues and biodegradable. Toilet paper made from bamboo is one of those innovations to stay with us. In a more environmentally friendly world we all want to live, we must take advantage of these innovations, its not only a trend, it´s a need. Ordinary paper is made from hardwood or soft word tress like spruce, timber and spine. Unlike bamboo paper, they take several years to grow. Softwood is usually combined with chemical additives to form stronger paper. Bamboo is a charming toilet paper and, why not, it is the coolest toilet roll in the world!

bamboo toilet paper

Why buying bamboo toilet paper?

A full report produced by Shelley in 2020 shows that toilet paper produced from bamboo, even though shipped from China to a country like UK or USA, has relative environmental benefits compared with tissue made from the more conventional practice of Scandinavian forest logging.

Bamboo requires far less water than the trees commonly used for standard paper production. Bamboo is naturally strong, soft and white, so no chemicals are needed to achieve this. It is biodegradable, returning to the soil and improving it without impact on global warming. Bamboo starts to regrow as soon as it is cut down, making it one of the most sustainable natural products on earth.

Bamboo is ultra-soft and that is why you can find it in the clothing we always look for softness, like baby pyjamas or socks, among many others. Studies have discovered that bamboo is more resilient and flexible construction material than wood, concrete or even steel.

Is bamboo toilet paper much better than regular? definitely and absolutely yes! Bamboo is the most eco friendly toilet paper right now.

From a natural, eco-friendly and renewal resource like bamboo and with all its strong and softness features we couldn´t help but including in our products of bamboo site the coolest bamboo toilet papers for you.