Bamboo sushi mats – The best sushi rolling mats

Let your inner Chef be free! We love Japanese food and we wish we were able to make our own homemade sushi rolls. If you already googled “how”, you know you will need a rolling mat. A rolling mat is a simple kitchen tool and inexpensive but at the same time indispensable when making sushi rolls. 9 out 10 Japanese Chefs use bamboo sushi mats, and the other one is just reading our website right now!

These are the best bamboo sushi rolling mats you can get in one clic:

Why should I buy a sushi rolling mat made from bamboo

Yes, it´s probably true that we will only a rolling mat for this purpose. But I tell you what, it is a worthy investment (and cheap!). Bamboo is a natural resource and highly hygienic. When we cook we all look for an easy to use kitchen tool, reusable, durable and easy to clean.

We don´t have to remind you that bamboo is one of the cleanest resources of the planet. Bamboo grows very quickly (between 3 to 5 years), uses less water than similar type of trees, it can perfectly grows without chemicals or fertilizers, and when you cut them, they automatically re-grow from their roots!

Yes, it´s widely spread in Asian countries because bamboo grows well in those areas, but right now “moso” bamboo (the type of bamboo used for these sort of items) can grow in many other different areas around the world, making it a very convenient and obviously natural resource, biodegradable and even compostable.

Bamboo rolling mats are made with strips united with tough threads. These strips can be cylindrical or flatten. The first is more suitable for small to medium size rolls, while the second is used mainly for big size rolls. You can get them with a raw finish or varnished, or finished with the outer part of bamboo which will be working as varnish. Varnished will be better water resistant and more hygienic.

You will find the best bamboo sushi mats at

How to make sushi at home – How to wrap sushi mat

We are not expert chefs, but we can give you some tips to get your homemade sushi rolls made;

1.- A bamboo roller covered with plastic wrap. Professional Chefs usually cover their mats with food-grade plastic to prevent the rice to get stick to the bamboo when making uramaki. As we are beginners, we recommend you to use also plastic covers for seaweed sushi.

2.- Ingredients. Seaweed, filling (your choice), sticky rice, bowl of water and a towel ready to go.

3.- Put down the seaweed wrap. Seaweed darker in colour usually means better quality.

4.- Take some rice, sticky rice. You must use a proper sushi rice as it makes a big difference. Press it into the seaweed. Because it is sticky, rinse your fingers off (remember the bowl of water), grab more rice and press it in. Put all the rice together leaving a little bit of space right at the edge.

5. Add your fillings to the roll.

6.- Time to roll! Take your bamboo mat carefully and use it to fold over the roll. Pull it tightly as you roll it. Once you have the first roll, continue to roll and make sure each time you are pressing tightly so that everything holds together. Now you should have already your sushi roll!

7.- From here you need to make your first cut it right down in the middle, and after this you just need to continue cutting down in the middle again and again until you get the perfect size for your rolls.

8.- Time to enjoy your sushi night with your loved ones! We would love to see your sushi rolls at instagram!

How to clean your sushi mat

If you were wondering how to keep your bamboo rolling mat like the first day it is very easy. Just follow our tips;

Wash your sushi matt only with water (please don´t use detergent). You can use warm water which will be better. Scrub you mat with a dish cloth (if you were using a food-grade plastic, it will save you a lot of time here) and finally hang it to dry. Make sure it is completely dry before you keep it in your drawer or cupboard.