Bamboo Steamers

Cook steamers are associated to healthy food. It is true, and that is why bamboo steamers are the best choice when you want to cook healthy, quick and clean keeping the flavour and all the nutrients of the food. Very useful for steam cooking in the cheapest way because of its low price, energy consumption and minimum maintenance, they are also the most eco-friendly choice.

Why should we buy bamboo steamers?

Because bamboo steamers are suitable for steam cooking, in a healthy and natural way, keeping flavours and properties of the food. Apart from healthy, cooking with bamboo steamers is very cheap because of their price and because they do not require any maintenance. They are perfect for cooking any sort of vegetables, rice, fish and white meat.

An authentic bamboo steamer is essential if you are an asian cuisine lover, as you will use it for dozens or recipes.

In our shop you have the most suitable bamboo steamer for your need. You will find here the biggest variety of 10″ bamboo steamers, the most standard size. We also have small steamers up to 19″ diameter, which is the best solution for cooking just one portion. And, if you go for bigger, we also propose you big size steamers in which you could even introduce a plate inside. This option would be ideal if you need to reheat your food with your steamer apart from cooking.

You can choose your steamer with just one storey and lid or with 2-3 storeys. The ones with more than one storey are useful as you can cook two dishes at once or a big volume of food in one time.

How to use bamboo steamer

Using bamboo steamers is easy and clean. First you need to boil water. You can use a pot, wok or saucepan. The only thing you need to take into account is that your steamer fits well in the pan chosen. There must be space enough between the water and the steamer so that when water starts boiling doesn´t soak the steamer and steam can circulate. When cooking meat or fish it is recommended the use of liners so that the steamer doesn´t get dirty with the juices. For the liners you can use lettuce leafs or cabbage, always leaving enough space for the steam to come through the holes of the base. Another choice are the drilled lines specific for this sort of recipients.

Bamboo steamers cleaning

The cleaning care necessary so that our steamer last all life are minimum. After using your steamer you only have to move away the leftovers rubbing with a soft scourer and mild water if needed. In case you are not able to move away some leftovers you can add a stream of vinegar in order to avoid the use of washing-up liquid which could transmit odours to our kitchen utensil. Once it is washed, you must remove the humidity with a cloth and leave it to dry completely. Finally you only have to keep it in a cupboard or drawer without humidity. Following these easy tips we will always keep our bamboo steamer like the first day.