Bamboo for shades, roller-blinds

Bamboo shades are becoming popular. These blackout blinds do what the shades cannot, and make your room dark when the shades are closed. Our bamboo roller blinds selection banish the sunlight to keep your home shaded whenever you need it. Bamboo blinds are a trend. Natural and timeless appeal, made of one of the most sustainable resources, bamboo is the best material for rolling blinds, and they are coming in different sizes to fit your windows, from white to grey roller blinds or any other colour you prefer. Come in now and get your ideal bamboo roller blinds for porch. Best quality and cheap!

roller blinds bamboo decor

Why buying bamboo roller blinds?

Bamboo is a durable material made of a natural and eco-friendly resource. There is a wider range of bamboo blinds compared to the ones made of other type of wood. Against the plastic shades, bamboo are natural and stylish. If you look for a modern blind which is a trend to stay, choice is easy, go bamboo!

Lightweight as they are, it will be easy to hang them to the roof or wall. And we don´t have take this for granted, as when we need to install a large roller blind, bamboo is at least 30% less weighted than other type of wood blinds. The large variety of sizes makes easy for you to find the perfect blind for either your doors or windows. Cordless and easy to use, they are a must.

We have chosen awesome bamboo roll up window shades to make it easier for you in natural colours and also in others like white or brown. Either for outdoor or indoor use, they go very well with the rest of your home decoration. Together with this, when they are rolled up, they take up little space.

When we talk about roller blinds, we tend to think about windows and doors, but it is also quite common to use them as kitchen blinds or even as bathroom blinds.

When you buy a bamboo roller blind, you not only buy a stylish blind, but you also buy a blind made from a sustainable and recyclable resource. Bamboo plants do not need pesticides or fertilizers to grow, and they grow really fast. They don´t need to be replanted either, as when it is cut it quickly grows back and get mature in 3 to 5 years. Bamboo releases 35% more oxygen than equivalent trees, and moso bamboo (the usual species for bamboo products) is not the species that our beautiful Pandas have on their diet (they eat from other species).

We all take care about money, and these are a great contribution to our pockets as they are cheap and last longer than others, making them the best value for price. Here you will find cheap bamboo roll up blinds, but also a stylish shade for your home.

When you find your perfect blind here, you buy it online and you will get it delivered right to your home. That´s it, easy, isn´t it? And, of course, no worries if once you have it at home you are not totally happy with it. You give it back without costs and without questions.