Bamboo Muslins – The softest touch for your baby

Just as soft as their mommy, a bamboo muslin is perfect for wrapping your baby with a delicate and protective caress. A muslin is one of the worthiest baby products without a doubt. Take it always with you and you will find a very versatile accessory for your little one. It´s a must. Together with this, there are some muslins made from bamboo which are just awesome.

Why buying a bamboo muslin for your baby

We all know we want the best for our babies. Bamboo muslins fabric is incredibly soft and breathable and its naturally warm with cold weather and cool with cold weather. Bamboo fabric cuts out +95% of the UV rays. Bacteria does not survive well in bamboo, it is totally hypoallergenic and even wearing it for hours it will not get smelly. Bamboo fabric is specially recommended for sensitive skins, and what is more sensitive than your baby skin?

It is lighter and softer than cotton. Babies will adore it, but it is also a great for the mommies. Apart for being the best option as security blankets for our babies, it can be used as a stroller sunshade. It will give us total intimacy when breastfeeding our little ones and we can use it as a bib when our baby is eating. Ideal as a toy blanket when we are in the park or at home, or even as an improvised changing mat when we are outside or on travel.

Usual size is 47 x 47 inches, it´s such a versatile accessory that you will always love to have it with you.

These muslins are made out of bamboo, a trustworthy natural source, ecological and recyclable, 100% environmentally friendly. When we use our bamboo muslin with our babies we contribute to leave them a much better world.