Bamboo Matting

Your door mat is the impression thing that people see when they visit your home, isn´t it important?

With our selected bamboo floor mats you proclaim you care for the earth, you are into nature, and, let´s say it, you have a modern decor taste. Bamboo is not only an environmentally friendly resource, but also a versatile one, that is why we choose from outdoor bamboo rugs for patios to bamboo door mats or non-slip bathroom mats. In our site you will find different sized floor mats, of course at the best price and with just one click you get it delivered to your home.

bamboo mats

Why buying a bamboo mat?

A bamboo mat is not only stylish, but also it offers numerous benefits.

Bamboo is an eco-friendly, sustainable building resource, and this natural wood is also CO2 neutral, hard, durable and the fastest growing plant in the world. Perfect mat for your bathroom since it stands very well to water and will no grow mold or mildew. Either for your door or for your shower, a bamboo mat last 10 times longer than typical rugs. Used as an outdoor bamboo mat is also ideal, as you don´t have to worry about the weather conditions.

Our chosen bamboo mats are no-slip and very easy to clean. Due to their structural design, they keep clean themselves most of the times without assistance. But it you want to clean it, you just have to wipe it down with warm water and let it air dry. Also you could put it under the water sometimes if needed.

We have selected different sizes for your convenience, therefore you can get what you are looking for at the best price. Floor mats can be suitable as kitchen mats too.

And talking about kitchen, if you are a foodie, probably you have or you will have to look for the perfect bamboo rolling mat for sushi:

Bamboo mats for sushi

The makisu or bamboo sushi mat is used to assist in rolling and wrapping sushi. Japanese cannot be wrong when they choose bamboo for this purpose. Bamboo does not absorb flavours and it´s naturally non-stick, lightweight and durable.

Bamboo sushi mats are eco-friendly and long-lasting. They can be used for years. Maintenance is as easy as hand washing it and storing it in your cupboard (only make sure it´s a dry and cool place).

The makisu is usually with thick bamboo strips or with thin ones. Experts recommend using the thick mat because it is more versatile, while they keep bamboo thin mats in order to make makizushi.

Time for a sushi night? ours is usually on Fridays. The perfect food with the perfect people. In order to make it properly we also add our awesome bamboo placemats to our table (don´t worry, you can find the best ones here).

Dinner is ready!!