Lucky bamboo

Lucky bamboo plants are not strictly speaking a bamboo plant, as they belong to the sanderiana dracaena family, scientific named Dracaena braunii. You probably guessed it already, its name comes from its similarity to the bamboo culm. When we think about an ornamental bamboo plant indoor, this is the one which comes to our mind. Related to feng shui, Lucky bamboo has become popular and a natural modern touch to your home decor.

Lucky plants in front of the house with name

For some people lucky plants in front of the use attract wealth, health and a long life, among other benefits. Feng shui bamboo plant in living room is considered to attract good luck to your space. In some cultures it is speacially relevant the place where to put your lucky plant to bring good fortune.

It is true that for many people the choice of plants is purely dependent on aesthetics. It doesn´t really matter if lucky bamboo brings you good luck or good for the feng shui or they just look awesome, which it is true is that plants improve the quality of the air around you.

Lucky bamboo plant care

If you are one of the poorest of gardeners, welcome to the club! Fortunately lucky bamboo is a tough plant and it does not require much care. It´s your ideal indoor plant.

Bamboo can grow in either soil or in water. Choose a pot that is approximately 2 inches larger than the plant itself.

If you choose to grow your lucky bamboo in water, fill the bottom of the vase with decorative stones to help the plant stay up right. Keep the water level over the tops of the stones. Be sure to wash the plant, stones and change the water once a week to help keep bamboo from rotting.

If you grow it in soil, you are encouraged to have equal parts of sand, peat moss, and soil to ensure optimal drainage. Make sure you saturate the pot in water whenever you water your plant and keep the soil humid. You can add an specific fertilizer from time to time.

Making the stalk to turn in circles is a complicated and tedious process that is why the best choice is buying the lucky bamboo with stalks already circled. It is originally from Asia and there is a great variety at cheap prices.

Whether you grow it or you buy it already grown, where to put your lucky bamboo in home?

These tips are easy; Protect it from direct sun. The ideal place would be one with open space and plenty of light. Even under artificial light is fine. The circles of their stalks are quite original and they will give a natural modern touch to your room.

Are lucky bamboo toxic for dogs or cats? we must warn you it is. Bamboo plant is no toxic for our pets, but dracaena sanderina is. If your dog or cat has ingested lucky bamboo, toxicity is normally mild to moderate, but we always recommend you to call your vet.

If any leave of your plant is turning yellow, do not worry and take it out. Yellowing is normally caused by direct sun light or too salty water, or simply natural aging of the plant. Anyway revise the care tips above and you will easily sort it out. Enjoy your lucky bamboo feng shui!