Bamboo Laundry baskets

You are moving to a new house and you realize you need a stylish laundry basket or you are tired of your old and dirty one? You are in the perfect place. Bamboo laundry baskets are the best option because they are original, modern and natural and, of course, eco friendly. Either you want to keep it in your bedroom or in the bathroom or even in the laundry room, we have here the best laundry baskets for you. Do you have limited space? then you can choose a collapsible laundry basket, and if you want your dirty clothes better kept, you then have a bamboo laundry hamper with lid. All in just one click!

Why should we buy a bamboo laundry basket?

We are not going to repeat that bamboo has lots of environmentally friendly features, because you already know it. Products of bamboo are becoming extremely popular and widely used among eco-conscious individuals. But let´s go to the point, why bamboo?

Laundry hampers made of bamboo are functional and comfortable to use. They are light and at the same time strong and durable. Bamboo do not absorb odours and they are very easy to clean. It is also a water resistant material.

Ok, then we know their great functionality for laundry purposes, but also they have an attractive appearance and go well in any space. We all have and interior designer inside, that´s why we recommend you to use bamboo laundry baskets which will add fresh and a natural touch to any place in your house.

We also care about the money, and we found the perfect combination with affordable laundry hampers for you. You only need to think if you need a laundry basket with lid, on wheels, collapsible…We have plenty of them for you to choose.

Where to keep your laundry hamper?

Although we are happy with our new stylish laundry hamper made of bamboo, we all make ourselves the same question. Where is the best place to keep our laundry basket?

It might be obvious, but we always recommend you to place your laundry baskets in places where they will actually be used to collect dirty clothes.

Bedrooms. This is the place where people undress. Since it is right where you change, putting clothes in the hamper is an easy one. This reduces the chances of falling to throwing them on a nearby chair to put them in the hamper later. And if you have enough space in your bedroom closet it could be good if you prefer to have your dirty laundry out of sight. A little more privacy indeed.

Then bedrooms seems to be an appropriate place, good…or it could be unless you are looking for a perfect feng shui. In this case it is thought that the bad smells can mess with the energy in your home. This automatically takes us to the next option; laundry room.

If you prefer your laundry in a corner, you won´t find better value for money than the birdrock home corner laundry hamper with lid and cloth liner:

Laundry rooms are probably not the most convenient place to store dirty laundry, but a laundry basket in a laundry room makes sense. The only challenge is to make sure you actually bring your laundry until there!

For those who have no space or laundry room, bathroom is another option. We usually take off our dirty clothes when going for a shower. In this case remember to use one with lids and if your bathroom is not big take into account that the high humidity could cause mildew and sore smells to develop.