Bamboo Cotton Buds

If not us, who? If not now, when? We are able to save the earth, we are still able to do it!

Every little decision we make can become a great change. Believe it or not, plastic cotton buds are one of the most common pieces of pollution found on the beaches. We literally use billions of cotton buds every year and plastic ones can remain for centuries. We must use plastic free cotton buds, we must use eco friendly cotton buds, and we can start today. As we are here, we are in good luck, as we will be able to buy the best bamboo cotton buds!

bamboo cotton buds

Why should we buy bamboo cotton buds?

It takes us less than 1 minute using cotton swabs and therefore we should go for environmentally friendly cotton buds, biodegradable. I firmly believe all countries should agree to forbid plastic cotton swabs, but there is no excuses, if they don´t do it, we can, yes, we can!

Bamboo earbuds are our choice. You can easily dispose of bamboo cotton buds by throwing them into your organic waste or compost. Compostable, 100% biodegradable, zero waste, vegan, recyclable.

Bamboo itself is organically grown, without pesticides or fertilisers, it doesn´t need irrigation. Once that we cut them it starts re-growing from its roots and therefore it doesn´t need to be replanted. It releases much more oxygen to the planet than similar trees (up to 35%), and it grows in less than 5 years.

Cotton used for bamboo cotton swabs is 100% biodegradable.

The benefits of bamboo cotton buds are clear. And, if you were wondering, of course bamboo buds are as effective as the plastic ones.

Products of bamboo is the place where you can buy bamboo cotton buds in just one click, convenient and easy.