Bamboo canes

Either as tomato stakes or for home decoration, there are endless uses bamboo canes have thanks to their great strength and flexibility. Essential accessory for gardens or modern natural ornamental and even for building landscapes. As versatile as it is, let your imagination fly!

Things to do with bamboo canes

If you are the kind of handyman/woman who is googleing fixing bamboo screening to a brick wall, or if you are looking for inspiring decorating ideas, welcome to our site. Bamboo is durable and easy to work with, making it very versatile. It is also hollow, which allows it to be used to create calligraphy pens, wind chimes, trellis-style headboard, or even walking sticks!

Your porch will look great with a fantastic bamboo fence. The most popular size is a bamboo fence 8ft high but the best thing about bamboo canes is their polyvalence. You can even use bamboo sticks for floor vase.

Calligraphy pen can be created just with a piece of bamboo cane, calligraphy ink and a sharp knife. You need to cut the base of the cane to a length comfortable for writing easily, cut the bottom of the ink to form a fine point and dip the point of the pen in the ink and start writing!

If you are like us a passionate gardener, then bamboo sticks for plant support are a must.

What about making a bamboo raft?

lots of bamboo canes

Ornamental – Home decoration canes made of bamboo

Bamboo is not only versatile but also a very cheap option for both indoors and outdoors. They can be used to separate spaces, as decoration inside a vase or flowerpot and they combine perfectly well with stones or pebbles.

Ornamental bamboo canes combine very well with all type of decoration, from rustic to modern or minimalist. They bring an exotic oriental touch to your home and there is a large range of natural colours available.

You will find much more uses and we have selected the most popular size, 8ft bamboo canes, for your convenience in our list.