Bathroom shelves

A bathroom is a design challenge, and among them storage is probably one of the biggest. Bamboo bathroom shelves are the perfect solution. You can get a stunning bathroom by choosing the right shelving. The key for an open and inviting feel is to choose materials that are light with sleek lines. Using a natural and, at the same time, eco friendly material will give your bathroom the perfect touch. We bring you here the best bathroom shelves ideas; either a shower shelf or a corner bathroom shelf or even floating shelves.

Why to buy a bamboo bathroom shelf?

Bamboo furniture is a trend everywhere and it is here to stay. With its smooth texture and calm tones, they really go well with any modern bathroom, but also with a rustic one. Bathroom shelves and racks made of a natural source like bamboo give a warm touch to your bathroom. Bamboo furniture are extremely versatile, combining well with any space from more traditional ones to minimalists.

They are light and strong all at once. Furthermore, bamboo is well known for withstanding humidity and temperature changes. Perfect for your bathroom!

When you buy a bath shelf made of bamboo you are using a sustainable resource. Everyone is trying to reduce the use of plastic everywhere. We made a selection with many stains and finishes available.

bathroom accesories on a shelf

Bathroom shelves ideas

Bamboo bathroom wall shelves

The best storage option for small bathrooms. Where to hang bathroom shelves? If you have limited space, maybe you could hang the bathroom shelves over toilet. With 2 or 3 shelves, they are really functional.

Bamboo corner black shelves

The corners of your bathroom often are a dead space. Corner shelves can hold essential items like toilet papers and towels, and they also can hold decorative candles or coloured soaps and dishes.

And, if it´s time for a relaxing bath after a hard week, you can taste your favourite wine with this beautiful and functional bathtub caddies tray made of bamboo.