Bamboo Ceiling Light

If you are into home design or just looking for a new way to showcase an existing ceiling light, bamboo ceiling light is the best. Bamboo provides a trendy natural and tropical feel to any space. Join us and find the perfect stylish bamboo hanging lamp shade for any space, from ceiling lights for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or literally for any space of your home. They come in different sizes and the best prices.

bamboo ceiling lamp

Why you should buy a Bamboo ceiling light?

A ceiling lamp is a big decision, believe it or not. When you buy a new ceiling light you normally do not change it for years. Whether you want to buy a new one or you need to change your existing ceiling light, you always consider to buy the most durable ceiling light at a competitive price. Opting for bamboo is a safe choice. Bamboo is stronger than other wood, with a tensile strength of 28.000 pounds per square inch. It is well known for it´s resistance to any conditions and temperature.

Unlike other materials used for ceiling lights, bamboo is a sustainable resource, and it is extremely fast-growing, therefore we find plenty of products of bamboo with stylish design.

If you are one of us, a home design yourself, with bamboo ceiling lights you are totally right. It´s not the first time that bamboo has been in the home decor spotlight, but now it is here to stay. It is the perfect natural companion to the midcentury modern furniture trend which has been with us for some years already. Our tip is that you can use your bamboo ceiling light shade as accents that mesh well with the look you have already.

If you are more into bohemian style mixed with traditional, bamboo is the perfect touch for both.

Of course you can get your ceiling lamp with led light. A perfect mixture of a durable material like bamboo with a durable light bulb. Every little step counts. Less waste is best.

As there are so many options, our interior design team made this selection easy for you.

What size for ceiling light?

Probably at this point you realize bamboo is so versatile we will find any option we are looking for. Luckily there are plenty of awesome bamboo ceiling lights here.

However, you need to find out which size is best for your hall ceiling light, or bathroom, or your own bedroom.

There are no rules here, but in case you got stuck this is an infallible tip; measure the room for your new ceiling lamp (width x length). Add the two figures obtained. For example, if you have 10feet x 10 feet, it´s 20feet total. Then you just swap it into inches (20 inches) and this is the diameter size of your stunning bamboo ceiling light!

With regards to the height; Measure the height of the room (for example 15 feet) and then multiply it by 2.5 (15 feet x 2.5 = 37.5 feet). Now, just swap it into inches (37.5 inches).

In this example, you need a 20 inches diameter light by 37.5 inches height.

Finally, we recommend you to add a bamboo floor mat or maybe a bamboo basket and your home will look cool!