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You really care for the planet and you want to contribute now. This is why you are looking for sustainable and eco friendly products. Don´t look more, you are at the right place! You must know that bamboo plant is one of the most environmental resources in the world. We have selected for you unique quality bamboo products at the best price. You may be asking now, where can I buy them?. Easy, click on the images and you will find online simple bamboo products for sale.

Bamboo flooring
Bamboo Flooring


Bamboo is a fast growing and a naturally tree-like grass, ecological and 100% biodegradable. It requires little maintenance to farm as it doesn´t need any pesticides or herbicides and very little water to grow. It grows in Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America, and in some southern regions of the USA. Some varieties can even grow in colder climates like the UK and North America. Most of the products made of bamboo have been made from a variety called “moso” – also known as winter bamboo – and, don´t worry, this is not a variety of the panda bear diet!!

Bamboo also grows insanely fast, sometimes at a rate of 3 feet per day. To grow to full maturity only takes 1 to 5 years, depending on variety. Compared to other plants, it produces 35% more oxygen and can absorb as much as 12 tonnes of carbon dioxide per hectare per year.

Bamboo products are environmental and eco friendly. When harvested it regrows from its own root system, it does not need to be planted again. And this is great! This means they are renewable and also the soil and the roots aren´t disturbed which is also great for the soil health. The micro-environment beneath the surface continues to develop and improve. Landslides are terrific in some parts of our world, mainly in the areas with more heavy rain and monsoons. Bamboo plants have a positive impact on soil and they keep healthy roots so they minimise landslides.

Last but not least, can bamboo be recycled? Absolutely yes. It is recyclable, upcyclable and biodegradable.

They are a clear alternative to be taken into account as products made of bamboo are BPA free, lead free, pvc, phthalate free, or any other toxin in many other products like the ones made of plastic.


Bamboo is light but super strong; even stronger than steel! The tensile strength of steel is 23.000 PSI, while the tensile strength of bamboo is 28.000 PSI. It is quite resistant to humidity and to the effects of time.

But let´s go to the point. Which are the bamboo uses?

We love Asian cuisine. who doesn´t? bamboo shoots can be seen in many delicious Asian dishes. Not only pandas love it!! Humans have been eating bamboo shoots for thousands of years. In Southeast bamboo is used extensively in the construction industry (scaffolding, upright props, building huts and even houses). From a long time it has been a first level material in those places where it grew. Used as a food source, medicine, building, paper, music instruments and for many other purposes. Nowadays it is even used as biomass. It is trendy in home design because of all these properties and its beautiful natural appeal.

It is also super versatile. Apple & Toyota know it very well and that is why they have used it for some of the components of their products. Who knows? maybe the next mac is made of bamboo!!

Now we know there are thousands uses of bamboo, too many?? relax, we have done a selection for you. You will find here nice natural bamboo products, with the best quality, like cheap bamboo baskets, steamers, bamboo blinds bathroom, bamboo roll up blinds, toothbrushes, socks, furniture, bamboo toys… Best selling bamboo products and everything in just one click!


We all want the best for our little ones, and we reluctantly accept anything. We want something encouraging their imagination, and, of course, it has to be safe. If there is any toy fit for this purpose, they are bamboo toys, a perfect choice.

And, at the same time, we pass on ecological principles to them. And…aren´t they cute? You can see the most beautiful bamboo toys here, and in the meantime look at the best offers on amazon this month:

Bamboo Nesting Bear
Bamboo Nesting Bear
Kendama Bamboo
Bamboo Kendama Toy
Flexistix Geodesic structures
Flexistix Bamboo Structure


In Products of bamboo we have made a selection for you with the best quality products made of bamboo. We offer you unique bamboo products and always at the best price, some of them made in USA (think globally, act locally). Click in, find what you are looking for, buy it and it will be delivered to your home comfortably, with the best customer service of amazon. And in case you do not like it, you can give it back without any problem or questions. What are you waiting for? If it exists and it is made of bamboo you will find it in our shop.

When we try to live a new eco-friendly life we take good care of our sleep and the sleep of our loved ones, but also when we practice yoga we sometimes may need to hear a noise for relaxing. Use your bamboo yoga mat while practicing, and we recommend you to hear white noise for a better concentration.

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